It is allowed to use: pompom's, flags, tables with words, other (jackets, hats, etc.) Professional referees will be provided.

Team size

Cheerleading team must have at least 6 and the most 20 members. The members must be Students from the university they are representing but it is allowed to have some students from other university. 

Choreography time

The choreography can last min 2 minutes and max 5 minutes. Time is running from the first sound of music and until the end of music. If a group has longer choreography they will get penalty points.


  • Originality
  • Athletic abilities: Execution, originality, flexibility, variety, sharpness.
  • Synchronization: Timing, unity of the team.
  • Music employed: Unique music style or variety in the same choreography. Variety will be better evaluated. Music and choreography correspond to similar theme
  • Attitude: Motivation of the team.
  • Cloth: Clothes, music and choreography correspond to similar theme.
  • Crowd appeal: means dance with attitude, where dancing style, music and choreography correspond to similar theme. 

*Structure of the groups and time table will be displayed on site a week before competition starts.