Rugby games will be played at open court. Professional referees will be provided.

The Rules 9's

1. Teams will be required to nominate 12 players to take part in the tournament prior to the commencement of the competition.

2. The tournament will commence with the teams in each Group playing against others in their respective groups.

3. Games in preliminary rounds and semi-finals shall be of nine minutes each way with a half-time breaks of four minutes. In the Final of the Trophy, Plate and Cup competitions there will be ten minutes each way with a five minute break for half time.

4. In each Group game, two points will be awarded for a win, 1 for a draw and 0 for a loss.

5. On completion of the Group games there will be three knockout competitions. The first of these competitions is the BIG’s Cup. The second is the BIG’s Trophy and the third is the BIG’s Plate.

6. The most successful team in each of the original groups will go forward into the quarterfinals of the BIG’s Cup.

7. The next most successful team, i.e. the team that finished second in its respective Group, will go forward into the quarterfinals of the BIG’s Trophy.

8. Teams who fail to finish first or second in their Group, will qualify for the BIG’s Plate.

9. The remaining teams will be eliminated from the competition.

10. At the end of the Group games, if two or more teams in any Group have the same number of points awarded to them, the higher position in the Group will be determines follows:

(a) The team, which has the highest difference of points “for” minus the points “against” in the Group.

(b) If after (a) the teams are still tied, then the team, which has scored the most, tries in regulation game time during the Group games.

(c) If after (a) and (b) the teams are still tied then the team which has scored the most converted tries in regulation game time during Group games will be declared to have higher position.

If the teams are still tied on the basis of (a), (b) and (c) the winners shall be determined by the toss of a coin.

11. The International Laws of the Game will apply with the following exceptions:

(a) Three players will form scrums only.

(b) All kicks for goal shall be taken by way of a drop kick.

(c) The re-start of play from the halfway line after points have been scored will be by a place kick but there will not be any requirement for the ball to travel ten metres forward from that kick.

(d) After a try has been scored, both teams and the referee will take up normal positions for the re-start of play. One touch judge will remain behind the goal posts to adjudicate on the kick for goal and play will be re-started immediately the Touch Judge has given his decision, which shall be final, and the kicker has returned to an onside position which he must do without delay.

(e) If a substitution is effected when a kick at goal has been taken, i.e. after a try has been scored or a penalty kick has been awarded, the substitute player is not allowed to take the kick.

(f) Periods of temporary suspension (Sin Bin) will be for five minutes.

(g) Any period of temporary suspension expires at the end of the game.

12. Free Interchange. There will be unlimited interchange of players from four pre-named substitutes during the course of any match. Players being replaced must cross the touchline before a new player enters the field of play in an on side position.  A player who has been replaced may later in the game act as a replacement.

13. If the scores are level at full-time in any game, extra time will be played. Teams will change ends and play will re-started by a scrum at the centre of the halfway line. The team last in possession will have the feed and the opposition, the loose head. The team, which scores first in extra time, shall be declared the winner.

14. A player dismissed from the field during the course of a match will not be eligible to play again pending a hearing before the judiciary committee.

15. For the purposes of the competition a Judiciary Committee comprising a Chairman and two other members nominated by the organizing committee.

16. The Committee shall have the power to disqualify, suspend or otherwise deal with any player dismissed from the field or reported for misconduct. Decisions of the Committee shall be recognised by all participating Leagues.

*Structure of the groups and time table will be displayed on site a week before competition starts.